Chatter Box: Tim Gajser

Tim Gajser on his impressive turnaround

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There were a lot of question marks surrounding Tim Gajser at the sixth round of the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship, as he was fresh off of a turbulent outing at the Grand Prix of Lombardia. Gajser put that in the rear-view mirror in an impressive fashion though and swept both races, to ensure that he pulled back six of the points he lost on the previous weekend. How did he turn things around in such a short time frame? That is discussed in this exclusive MX Vice interview.

MX Vice: Another 1-1. Not too long ago that you did that, but you are now back to doing that consistently. First of all, just kind of rate this win versus Trentino. Trentino was obviously a big one, because it was your first in a while, but I do not know… There is something about this. I just feel like this is even better.

Tim Gajser: Yeah, it is tough to compare the wins. All wins are special and especially when you go 1-1. It was just unbelievable. I was feeling great coming into this weekend. I had a horrible weekend last week in Mantova and made so many mistakes. I tried to forget that one as soon as possible. I tried to focus ahead. It was kind of tough, but I am so glad that we had such nice races here again with Tony [Cairoli]. We had a nice battle in the first moto. Second one was I would say even better, because more riders were mixed into the battle. [Clement] Desalle was also there, [Arnaud] Tonus and I think someone else. It was nice battling with them. I am really happy.


You mentioned last week was tough, so was it difficult to let that go? I am sure it played on your mind a little bit on Monday morning, but at some point did you have to tell yourself that it is time to forget about that now. 

Yeah, exactly. Especially one day after the race: Monday was tough, because you start to realise what you did and what stupid mistakes you did. I was trying to forget that as soon as possible and, like I said, tried to focus ahead. You cannot go in the past and change it, so you just have to go ahead and try to not repeat the same mistakes that you did in the past. That was kind of how I tried to approach this weekend. It is definitely always tough when you come from a bad weekend and also the confidence goes a little bit. You start to question, "Am I good enough?" Stuff like that. I am so happy to have an amazing team behind me and also my girlfriend. She is always right there, mentally trying to say everything so that I feel better. I am just so happy to have these people around me.  

Your raw speed today was phenomenal. Were you sat there thinking "I have got this tomorrow" after the qualifying heat? Did you just have that feeling that good things were going to happen?

Yeah, definitely. Yesterday was already good. I had a good start and then the pace was good. Just in the middle of the race I did a couple of mistakes. I tried different lines to see which ones were not working, so then Tony got me and passed me, but I knew that if I had good lines, I just needed to search for them and try to be a little bit more patient because the race is long. That is what I tried to do today.


Speaking of line choice, I did not see where you passed Tony in the first moto. Run through that for us. This track was not the roughest Agueda we have ever seen and because of that there was not much line choice, so then passing was tough. I was actually surprised you made it happen.  

Actually, Tony made a mistake. He stalled the bike in the corner over in the back. I think it was second sector or something like that. When we first came here I thought it was going to be many lines, because corners were really nice. You had two lines into the turn, inside and outside, then when we started riding yesterday and it was like there were not ruts, so the track was not getting rough too much. It was really difficult to get traction out of the corner and stuff like that. Today they ripped the track during the night and watered a lot, so it was like there was more line selection today. It was good.

In that first moto I know your team were telling you to watch yourself in sector one. That was where Tony was the strongest and where you were the weakest too. Any idea why that was?

When I was behind Tony, I was trying to change the lines. I saw that even if I was changing the lines he did not gap me, so I was seeing where there was potential so I could make a pass at the end of the race. In the first sector I was struggling, yeah, especially after the finish-line jump and then triple, then in the first right corner. When I saw where Tony was going, and tried to go to his line as well, it was good. He did not get any gap over there anymore. I knew that I covered him there, but it was good. It is always nice to race with Tony and battle with him, because he is always clean and it is nice racing. I had a lot of fun today.


Clement Desalle took the holeshot in the second moto. I was thinking that if Tony got him, before you got Tony, then he was going to have an opportunity to go. Were you thinking that yourself like, "I have got to do this quickly otherwise it is going to slip through my fingers" or anything like that?

Yeah, exactly. Second moto I was kind of trying to just take it easy, because I saw that Desalle was in front. I was fifth I think behind Desalle, Tony, Tonus and then it was me. I tried to pass Arnaud as soon as possible and then I was behind Tony. I was there watching, as they had a nice battle also in front of me, so I did not want to rush, because it was still early in the race. When Tony passed him, I tried to pass him immediately so it was just a couple of corners later I passed him. I was behind Tony and we immediately pulled away, then he made a mistake over there on the left corner. I had a pretty good gap, around six seconds, so I just pushed for a couple more laps to make it bigger and then control the race. It was nice. 

Obviously you lost a lot of points last week, but it is too early to even talk about that. I guess take it race-by-race, try and pick off more of these wins and see what happens?

Yeah, exactly. It is still early in the season, just six races into the season with plenty of racing ahead of us. Definitely it was a bummer and I was disappointed last weekend, especially when I lost so many points, but the season is still long so we just need to be consistent, try to not make mistakes and always be there on the podium. I think that is going to count.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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